Cellwall research in the north of Sweden


Teaching activity

2015- Associate Professor of Microbiology at UmU. Umeå, Sweden. 150h/yr.  

- Microbiology and Basic Molecular Biology (Life Science and Biomedicine).

2011-2013. Assistant Professor of Microbiology at UAM. Madrid, Spain. 200h/yr  

- Environmental Microbiology (Environmental Biology).  

- Introduction to Microbiology (Biochemistry)  

- Food microbiology (Nutrition and Human dietary)  

- Bacterial physiology (Master of Microbiology)

2012- Principles in Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology Boston University “study abroad” Program. Boston University-UAM. (

2005. Invited Professor. PhD program in Extremophiles. 10h. Biotechnology of Extremophiles. Dipartimento di Scienze ambientali. Università degli Studi di Parma. Italy.

2001-2006. Instructor in Microbiology. 80 hours/year. UAM. Madrid, Spain

2002-2003. Instructor in the VI Master in Biotechnology. 160h. UAM. Madrid, Spain

2000-2001. Instructor in Microbiology. 60 hours/year. UAM. Madrid, Spain

2001. Invited professor in Applied Microbiology. 10h. USEK. Segovia. Spain